How I created my perfect spring wardrobe with Project 333

Happy first day of spring! This is a time of year when most people start thinking about what they need to buy for their spring and summer wardrobe, myself included. But this year I’m trying Project 333 instead. You can read about this method at Be More With Less.

Project 333 is one take on the capsule wardrobe idea that has been really taking off lately. I’ve been dreaming of my perfect capsule wardrobe for a couple of years, while using Pinterest to figure out what my general style looks like. After all of this time studying what I like, I finally feel ready to take the plunge. So rather than buy new clothes, I shopped my own wardrobe and bring new light to old pieces.

The shape I tend to be drawn to is a more fitted, skinny pant in a dark colour with a looser fitting top in a light colour and flat shoes. I don’t go for patterns often, but when I do I gravitate towards strips and leopard print. My preferred colour palette is neutral with a pop of colour.


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Now that I knew what elements I wanted in my wardrobe, using the KonMari method, I set out to get rid of anything that didn’t fit into that look, as well as other items I generally didn’t want or love anymore. Once I had my core wardrobe picked out, I began the process of selecting 33 things to wear for the next 3 months (the spring season). When I was finished selecting, I was surprised to know that I had only picked 27 items, including outerwear, shoes, and accessories!


Project 333 - spring


I’m really happy with my edited wardrobe. It only includes things I actually wear regularly and everything goes together. I could pair any of these things with any other item and it would make an outfit.


Project 333 - spring


I don’t have many reasons to get dressed up, so all of my clothes are relatively casual, but I did include one large, flashier piece of jewelry in case I need to dress up a t-shirt for a night out.


Project 333 - spring


I rarely wear anything besides my Converse sneakers, however there are times where they’re not appropriate which is why I included a couple of other options. Those boots have a heel that is maybe two inches, and even that is too much for me sometimes. Flats for life!

I realized the day after I’d made my selections that I had forgotten to include sunglasses into my wardrobe which brought my total to 28.

What’s your favourite capsule wardrobe template? What are your wardrobe must-haves? Leave me a comment!

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